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New release! - DRAWings® is a powerful embroidery software that empowers you to create original designs you want to embroidery. Start with a simple line. Add curves, colors and patterns and so much more. Like magic create your own masterpieces with DRAWings®

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Wings' modular 6

Wings' modular 6 is professional embroidery software that consists of 14 modules. Each module has different features in order to be easier for you to decide which modules you actually need. You can buy the modules you want and create the embroidery software that fits to your every day embroidery needs. You can add more modules any time you want.

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Creative DRAWings X

The software that you're looking at represents the most advanced technology in the embroidery design field today. With the innovative features in Creative DRAWings®, you can easily transform your creative ideas into beautiful embroideries to stitch out on your machine.

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DRAWings Converter

DRAWings® Converter - DRAWings Converter gives you the ability to automatically convert your vector designs to embroidery with quality and confidence! Includes artificial intelligence that allows the software to make decisions based on the design that was imported and produce the best possible embroidery results. Its power is in its simplicity.

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Embroidery Effect

DRAWings Embroidery Effect™ is a Free software application which allows you to convert any vector/bitmap graphic into an embroidery-like image quickly and easily ...

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