Enjoy your business, it's so simple

DRAWings® has been the first embroidery software which was fully integrated with a graphics designing software. Now, DRAWings® X, goes one step further with the powerful combination of its new easy-to-use built-in designer and its ability to works seamlessly with a graphics software left intact! Create your own designs from scratch with far more ease, transform and edit shapes, add text, all in 3D designing mode! DRAWings X was developed in response to real-life challenges faced in the embroidery industry - where creativity and production are often in a fine balance with deadlines and budgets.


DRAWings X offers true vector design and digitizing software that integrates vector artwork with stitches. Create, edit and change designs without having to redo steps - and see the stitching output immediately! Unleash the power of the first 3D Vector designing software in the world, with the ability to use artwork created for printing or embroidering purposes. Create unique design by combining garment printing with embroidery.

User friendly

DRAWings X allows you to focus on the business of embroidery. Don’t be dragged down by technical difficulties and time-demanding design decisions. Take full advantage of controlled automation with built-in, artificial intelligence and knowledge of experienced embroiderers experts in their field.

  • Instantly convert a vector graphic into a digitized embroidery stitch file. As you assemble your design, DRAWings X recognizes the type of material being used, optimizes the stitch pattern, and automatically displays the result as it will appear in the embroidery! With the controlled automation process you can change almost everything in the stitch file - such as directions, density, underlays, and stitching order.
  • There's no need to start from scratch: DRAWings X comes with 3000 embroidery designs and 200 clipart images ready to be embroidered - and the ability to convert bitmap images into vector files.
  • Complete, fast and easy, DRAWings X is your obvious choice, allowing you to focus on the business of embroidery!

In addition new features such as Cross-Stitch, Sequence Control and Appliqué, Hoops, Pre-digitized fonts, symbol conversion DRAWings X gives commercial operations extended control over embroidery designs.