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Enjoy your hobby, it's so simple - Creative DRAWings® X is not like other embroidery software on the market. It is designed to do the "thinking", allowing your creative ideas to flow free. That means you don’t have to worry about the technical issues in creating your embroidery design. And with all of the added features in Version 10, the possibilities are unlimited.

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Enjoy your business, it's so simple - DRAWings® has been the first embroidery software which was fully integrated with a graphics designing software. Now, DRAWings® X, goes one step further with the powerful combination of its new easy-to-use built-in designer and its ability to works seamlessly with a graphics software left intact!

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Wings' modular 6 - Wings' modular 6 is professional embroidery software that consists of 14 modules. Each module has different features in order to be easier for you to decide which modules you actually need. You can buy the modules you want and create the embroidery software that fits to your every day embroidery needs. You can add more modules....

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